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Luther House is located near the OSU campus at 211 NW 23rd Street. The office phone number is 541.753.5213 and is generally open Monday through Thursday 9am to 6pm, and often on Sundays too.

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GRACEnotes, August 13

Just so you know, it's my practice to send an email to students each week with a little information about what's happening at Luther House, some comments on current events or items of interest, and a brief devotional thought or prayer to frame your week. It's repeated here for a wider audience.
Regular activities of Luther House will start the first week of classes, with lunch on Tuesday, September 30. Between now and then we'll be working hard to make all things ready for students and their friends. Each new student we meet will recieve a "Welcome to Campus" gift bag loaded with food, fun, and ways to maintain a healthy spiritual life.
This Thursday and Friday, August 14 and 15 (9:00-3:00) there's a one-time Habitat for Humanity home renovation happening. Coordinated by Thrivent Financial, volunteers will build a wheelchair ramp and replace the roof on the home of a disabled woman in Philomath. Can you help? No construction experience required; tools provided. Dress for the weather and wear closed-toed shoes. Lunch is provided. Please sign up with Charlie.owen@thrivent.com or by calling his office at 541-754-2600.
With the death-by-suicide this week of actor Robin Williams, it's a good time to pause and remind ourselves of the often-silent suffering of many who face depression, addiction, mental illness, and suicidal impulses. It can't be said often enough: there's help available.

Our campus community has plenty of resources, especially through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) http://oregonstate.edu/counsel/thinking-about-suicide, that can intercept problems before they grow too great to handle and can intervene with all levels of assistance in coping with tough situations. If you know of someone who's crying for help, let those cries be heard by the people who care and the resources they offer. If ever you need a supportive person to walk with you to the counseling office, help you make an appointment, or show you the way to a brighter day, contact me at 541-753-5213 or info@luther-house.org
One of the resources we have as Christians is the uninterrupted prayers of God's people across the globe. Worth our praying and pondering is this gem: Living God, grant comfort in suffering to all who are in need of healing. When they are afraid, give them courage; when afflicted, give them patience; when dejected, give them hope; and when in need of support, give them caring and compassionate healers. Amen. (Adapted from Evangelical Lutheran Worship.)
Pr. Jim

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We are Lutheran Campus Ministry at Oregon State University


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Lutheran Campus Ministry at Oregon State University

The name of the OSU-recognized student organization is called Lutheran Campus Ministry at OSU. It's one of many religious groups on campus that, together, form the Spiritual Life at OSU organization. LCM welcomes all students to participate in activities, programs, social events and service projects sponsored by the organization. It's governed by a Student Leadership Team. The SLT meets monthly, usually on Thursday evenings, to plan activities. LCM is part of the national Lutheran Student Movement organization LSM-USA.